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Guangdong Handy Technology Co., Ltd. was the combination of Dongguan LiHan Machinery Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Handy Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which rose rapidly after the epidemic.

The former Dongguan Lihan machinery is the first batch of ultrasonic and masк making equipments manufacturers after the reform and opening up, one of the first large-scale professional masк equipment manufacturers in China. The enterprise has strong capital and technical strength. Hongda brand registered by the enterprise in the National Trademark Bureau in 1993 is a world-renowned brand in the industry.


Automatic FFP2/FFP3 dust respirator masк making machine

1.Designed with multiple functions, only one worker can easily operate the whole production line, so it’s very labor-saving.

2.Made under advanced design concepts and mature technology.

3.The finished product has strong welding, standard size, good filtration, and an attractive appearance.

4.Working sustained and stable.

5.Equipped with a touch screen and PLC control system that it is highly automated and easy to use.


Automatic п95 Dust Respirator Masк Making Machine

"Hongda " automatic п95 dust respirator masк making machine is designed for producing dust respirator masк,it adopts ultrasonic technology and realize a series of process including automatically material feeding,constant temperature shaping,blank masк welding,cutting,nose clip welding,logo printing,breathing valve hole punching,breathing valve welding,head loop welding until a completely masк is finished,the final effect for masк is appearance attractively and welding firmly.It's an ideal masк making machine because of its unique design,high efficiency and high quality.


One-To-One Fully Automatic Positioning Plane Masк Machine

This machine can be used for the production of plane masкs with printed positioning patterns on the surface of the masкs.  It can also be used for the production of ordinary plane masкs. Under the condition that the masк width is unchanged, this machine can produce plane masкs of any length through the man-machine interface setting, which can truly realize the one-key switch between adult and children masкs, and cooperate with the new generation of high-speed plane earband machine to realize rapid conversion of adults and children, which greatly improves the equipment utilization rate and production efficiency of masк manufacturers.


One To One Fully Automatic Lip Type Plane Masк Machine(Special For Deaf Use)

This machine is mainly used for deaf and dumb special people. It can automatically complete the entire process of window opening, slicing, patching, and soldering. It is fully servo controlled, and the window position is accurately, and the welding is firm. The movement of the whole machine is coordinated,stable and efficient.


RDN-101S Full-Servo One To One Inner Earloop Маsk Machine

one for one full servo hi-speed plane маsk machine is combined with one маsk forming machine and one Hi-speed servo welding machine, which is connected with transferring belt and communicating with control system, so to realize auto production .the machine is intelligent, easy for operation, only one person could operate several equipment, each machine need only one gathering worker, efficient and less labor.<


RDSF-400 Four Side Sealing Plastic Packaging Machine

Full Line production machine 3 ply Маsks– making – welding and packing. This machine is suitable for the packaging of solid sheet articles in the pharmaceutical, health care, chemical, light industry, and food industries such as composite film, aluminum plastic film, pure aluminum film, aluminized film, coated paper, etc. Main functions: automatic roll film conveying, automatic Bag making, automatic material filling, image and text matching, automatic coding (print batch number), flat pressing and heat sealing, easy-to-tear hanging hole punching, plate punching, finished product output, waste recycling.


Fully Automatic High Speed кn95 Folding Masк Machine

This machine is mainly used for the production of ear-hanging п95 folding masкs. The whole machine has a high degree of automation.This machine is highly intelligent that all procedures are completes at a time.nose bridge, welding ears, half-folding, edge sealing, trimming, etc. The whole machine only needs one person to operate. All-steel frame is stable and beautiful, and the ear welding action is completed by a servo drive, which makes the ear welding process.


Fully Automatic Head-Wearing п95 Folding Masк Machine

This machine is mainly used to produce п95 folding masкs with head-wearing ear loop. It can complete the entire process from printing automatically,stick sponge-fold-welding ear loop-edge sealing-trimming. The ear loop welding action is completed by servo drive, which makes the procession stable and efficient, each section of power adopts independent servo transmission, and the machine is more precise and stable.


RDF-101S Fully Automatic One To One Fish Маsk Machine

this machine is mostly used for automobiling folding маsks. The whole reel of cloth is released and driven by the wheels,the cloth is welded to have the outer shape. the nose beam is pulled and open after that fixed cutting and folded,which welded through ultra-sonic,formed through cutting die;then transported to the position for welding the earing,evetually the маsks are formed well through ulta-sonic;After the маsks are made well,they are talken to the line for gathering.


Automatic 4D Blank Anti Yellow Dust Masк Producing Machine

"Hongda" automatic 4D blank anti yellow dust masк producing machine is designed for manufacturing of flat fold masкs in South Korea,it can realize a series of process including automatically material feeding,inside nose clip welding,blank masк welding,folding,blank masк welding,cutting.Another ear loop welding machine is required to produce a completely flat fold dust masк.


Why Choose Handy

We regard ourselves as a partner of our customers. We work closely with you to develop solutions that deliver both technical and economic success. We have follow advantages:

With numerous in-house service technicians and engineers, Handy is ready to assist when you need dedicated and knowledgeable expertise.

There are skilled engineering staff with many years experience, many of them have been working since we started our protective equipments business.

With a strict and effective quality control system, our products are CE approved, and we have ISO9001, SGS, and TÜV Rheinland Certificate.

Plenty of machines are ready for you to choose from and to satisfy your requirements.

We keep stock of electronic components, touch displays, motors, etc. ready for immediate delivery.

We have bespoke cost-effective automatic production solutions.


After-Sales Service

Machine manuals and installation videos, adjusting, setting, maintenance are available for you.

Telecom or online face to face communication are available when you need any assistance.

Our engineers & technicians can go to the overseas for tranning and after-sale service.

Machines are all with one year guaranty, and two years guaranty for electrical part. Any parts broke not by man-made during the warranty year can be replaced free charge. The warranty period starts from the date of shipment.

We has a specialized after-sale service team, any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

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